Photos on websites

Just wondering if anyone has done any research with regard to using photos on websites.  Following GDPR we strengthened our procedures by actively seeking members’ authority to publish their name, contact details and photographs in the club handbook and most members are OK with that, but recently a couple of members have told me they wouldn’t want to be included in any photos published on our (intended) website, or in any press publications.  I wouldn’t publish any photos which identified anyone by name without seeking permission but I thought it was OK to publish photos of, say, members enjoying lunch together, or on an outing, as long as they weren’t specifically identified.  I’ve googled this intensively and there seem to be a lot of conflicting views out there.  The best idea I have come up with so far is to have a policy which asks members to let us know if they object to being included in group photos, but even this seems a bit unnecessary to me, given that it seems anyone’s photo can be uploaded to social media sites without their permission.  I’d be interested to know how other clubs deal with this, or if anyone has any kind of definitive ruling.  Many thanks for your help.  Jill

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