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This was president Shirley Roberts’ last newsletter – sadly she has since passed away. Despite Shirley being a very hard act to follow the reins have been picked up and you can find out more by clicking the link below.

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LATEST NEWS (July 15th 2021)

At the moment it feels as if we may be seeing light at the end of the tunnel and it might not be an oncoming express train!

We have canvassed the major companies who finance Probus Magazine with their advertising and the vast majority have told us that they are not in a position to advertise until travel returns to something approaching normal and also people have the confidence to travel in confined spaces. We are continually looking for new sources of advertising but realistically we don’t think the magazine will be in a position to resume publishing until spring 2020.

All monies paid in advance for magazine deliveries are safe and will be carried forward.

Some clubs still owe for deliveries in 2019 and 2020. I have paid on your behalf and would appreciate being able to straighten my books. When things resume I will start invoicing from scratch. Clubs that have already paid for delivery of either three or four issues but did not receive autumn and winter 2020 (i.e. those who did pay for a full year’s deliveries from a spring or summer invoice) will not receive another invoice until four issues of the magazine have been sent out to them.

This website is a free, up to the minute, resource for Probus members to complement Probus magazine

By looking through the topics above you will find resources and information which we hope are useful.

Also, every Probus Club that registers (click the word ‘register’ in the menu bar above for the form to fill in) can have its own page(s) on this website, free of charge. One nominated person can be its author and include whatever details you like (including a link to your own website) – as long as they’re legal! Your fellow club members (and others) will be able to view it whenever they wish. It will be up to you to update the information and to let Probus Online know when you wish someone else to take over as author. I set up the basics for you, then it’s up to you. PLEASE NOTE: I authorise every registration personally. Sometimes it may take a while. Personal information is required to do this. Please read the Privacy Policy under Resources.

There is a chat section where Probians can perhaps look for old friends, advice or swap speaker recommendations, or look for answers to questions that need a reply before the next Probus magazine publishes. I also put up there details of people looking for a Probus club to join when I have no details of clubs in their area.

If you register as author of a page for your club, as soon as I have approved the application you will be sent a password. This can be changed the first time you log in (and if you forget it again) but your log-in name CAN NOT be changed. Please type in your e-mail address carefully or the acceptance e-mail will not reach you. If you think you may have made an error, please email me.

If you require further information or help on how to use the site, not covered by the videos under ‘help’, you can contact me by telephone or e-mail, by clicking the link (left).

If you wish to take out a magazine subscription (you pay only for delivery), or are a company wishing to place an advertisement in the magazine and/or on the website, you’re just a click away from the information you need to contact us – see left.

Probus Supplies which sells all your regalia etc now has a website from which you can place orders 24/7. www.probussupplies.co.uk

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