Ellesmere Probus 30th anniversary

News release from Ellesmere Probus Club

An Ellesmere social club which brings together people from a wide range of occupations is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

It was in the autumn of 1989 that several members of the town’s Rotary club decided to launch a local branch of Probus, an international organisation for retired and semi-retired business and professional people.

Founder member and long-serving Rotarian Trevor Humphries was encouraged to set up the Ellesmere group by his late father-in-law, Frank Lloyd, who had been a member of the Halesowen Probus club in the West Midlands before retiring to live in Ellesmere.

“There were 16 members at the inaugural meeting,” he said.  “Within a year there were 30 and I’m pleased and proud to see that the numbers have grown to nearer 50. Those of us who were involved from the start are really impressed at the way Probus has developed and we’re delighted that it’s gone from strength to strength to become a well-established part of the local community.”

Mr Humphries was a guest of honour at the club’s annual lunch, together with fellow-founders Peter Davies, Bob McBride and Heather Poll, whose husband Brian was also involved in the launch.

With ages ranging from the early sixties to the mid-90s the club’s membership covers a large variety of interests and occupations from all walks of life.  They include former teachers, engineers, accountants, police officers, a retired clergyman and a  farmer, together with a journalist and several  ex-service and government specialists. .

Newly-installed president Jeremy Stretton, a retired tax inspector, said:  “This year is an important landmark for the club and as we celebrate our 30th anniversary,  we’d like to see more people joining us. Currently we have no women members, but we can guarantee a warm welcome to everyone.

“Our meetings are a great opportunity for retired or semi-retired people with a business or professional background to get together, enjoy a coffee. make friends and hear an interesting talk and ask questions on a subject they might know nothing about.”

Meetings are held in the town’s Comrades’ Club on the first and third Thursday in winter months and on the first Thursday of the month in summer.  All meetings start with coffee from 10.00 am, business starts at 10.30. The club has its annual outing in June and the annual lunch is held in October.

“We have a comprehensive programme of speakers, covering a wide range of topics,” said Jeremy.  . “So far this year we have heard talks about everything from the work of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to the Celtic saints, keeping Alpacas, life in Albania and the founding of the Save the Children charity by Ellesmere’s Eglantyne Jebb.

The Probus movement was founded in the Home Counties in the mid-1960s.  It has now spread to many countries throughout the world, including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Belgium, India, Portugal, Holland, Germany South Africa and several countries in Africa and Asia.

Each Probus club is autonomous. There is no central organisation and each club sets its own rules.

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