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Probus Club of Sandy and District

Bowling Schedules:

The Conservative Club Green reopened on 21st April after the winter closure.  PROBUS bowling group roll-ups will recommence on the Con Club Green on Tuesday 30th April from 12 noon to 2 p.m.  Roll-ups will be open for all Sandy Probus members but Probus members who are NOT also members of Sandy Conservative Club will be required to pay a green fee of £2.00 per meeting.  Dress code for the Probus roll-ups is Greys.

NOTE   All match games at the St Neots Indoor Bowls Club for Sandy Probus have now been completed.  Roll-ups at St Neots have now ceased and will recommence at the Conservative Club green as noted above.

All members please note the following dates for match games in the 2024 OUTDOOR season:-

‘Thank you’ to all of you who bowled for Probus at St. Andrew’s on 30th May.  In the end St. Andrew’s won by 5 shots, 61 to 56. A respectable score taking into account the vagaries of the green and not a bad start to the summer season.  We look forward to seeing you again for our next match on 20th June

Thursday 20th June – against Sandy Conservative Club commencing at 14:00

Thursday 18th July, against Great Barford commencing at 18:30

Thursday 15th August against Sandy Town commencing at 14:00

Thursday 19th September against Potton commencing at 14:00

Green Fees for all matches are £3.00 per person and dress code is GREYS with white shirt.

Any member wishing to play should contact Peter, our Bowls Coordinator, for further details.  His contact details can be found in your members’ handbook

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