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Headquarters St Joseph Community Centre

Bolland Street Barnoldswick BB18 5DA

10:00 for Coffee & Biscuits

gentlemen welcome

President John Dodd

Vice President John Woodward

Hon secretary Stephen Rimmer

Treasurer Brian Russell

Speaker Finder Harry Nuttall.


Tuesday 01 September 2015

Talk “York”

Presented by Mr Paul Kenny.

This week 49 West Craven Probus members would be taken on a visit to the City of York, mainly the walled area, plus many of the historical buildings in the City. Presented by Mr Paul Kenny, all accompanied with great detail which made the presentation all the more interesting, shots of statues, along with the Inns with some very funny stories to go with the buildings.

Finally some quick views of large mansion type buildings accompanied to music. A thoroughly good show well enjoyed by those present.

Chairman John Dodd closed the meeting asking the members to show their appreciation for an excellent presentation and the detail that accompanied it,.this was greeted with a round of applause’


Stephen Rimmer

Hon secretary.


Forth coming events Tuesday 15th September 2015


“The River Calder”

Presented by Mr Roger Frost

Stephen Rimmer

Hon secretary”                             ..