Sale Festival Promotion 16th June 2019

Promotion Day

Contact details :

Hon. Secretary: Ian Tattersall email  tel. 0161 425 0751

Communications Officer: Avtar Diggwa email Tel. 07802876318

Meeting Venue : Sale Sports Club, Clarendon Crescent, Sale M33 2DE

Meeting Days/Times : 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 2.30pm, although under pandemic conditions we are currently holding Zoom meetings only at the earlier time of 10.00am but still on the same days.

Membership: 33 men.

December Special 2020

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Programme 2021
5.1.21 Gay Evans The Australian Gold rush
19.1.21 Mike Wabe Witches and Witch Hunting in East Anglia
2.2.21 Laurence Scales A canter through Georgian Science – The Renaissance.
16.2.21 Ann-Marie Michel Thefts, Fakes and Forgeries in the Art World
2.3.21 Christopher Legrand ‘The legacy of Antoni Gaudi’ – Gaudi’s masterpiece, the ‘Sagrada Familia’
16.3.21 David Skillen “The Many behind the Few” –  Unsung heroes and Heroines of the B of B
6.4.20 Saffron Summerfield When Birds Sing (Saffron is a professional singer and an ornithologist)
20.4.21 Alan Jones “Keep Your Hair On!” from Shampoo to Syrups, the secret world of hair.
4.5.21 Alan Savage Living Well – at home and in the community.
18.5.21 Jeremy Holmes “No Man is an Island”  The life and poetry of John Donne
1.6.21 David MacCaddon Costa Del Crime – The End of an Era!
OR John Wallace Ten Thousand Years of Bling – the story of Alderley Edge,
6.7.21 Peter Covey-Crump How to make a fortune in the 18th Century
20.7.21 Baz Hamblin Remember Remember – the story of the gunpowder plot
3.8.21 David Alexander Smith Have I got Historic Newspapers for You?
17.8.21 Gale Pettifer Heart of Oak: the naval timber crisis, in the reign of George III, 1760-1820.
7.9.00 John King Climate Change and it’s worldwide implications for unborn generations.
21.9.21 Gentleman’s Lunch  OR
Geoff Scargill Edward Elgar – The Real Enigma
5.10.21 Dave Walmsley The Cathars – French heretics or victims?
19.10.21 David Shimmings A Second Lifetime of Comedy!  TV clips from the last 80 years
2.11.21 AGM
16.11.21 QUIZ