Club contact:

Chairman:   John Gentleman

The following is the programme for the end of 2023 and the first meeting of 2024.

Probus Newmarket Programme

The club meets in the Masonic Lodge, Newmarket with meetings starting at 10.00 for 10.30 on the first and third Wednesday of each month except August.

The next speaker

Richard Gibbons M.A. Cert. Ed.

Richard presented at Newmarket Probus earlier this year when he gave a very interesting talk on the Cuban Missile Crisis.

All of his talks include original video footage and music.

Richard after being a teacher and comprehensive school manager for 25 years was Education Officer for Cambridgeshire supporting schools and parents in challenging or emergency situations.

He is now a self-employed media and education consultant, supporting schools and giving talks on subjects related to World War 11 and the Cold War.

He also produces video programmes for museums and other organisations.

Richards lives in March, Cambridgeshire.

Report on the Newmarket Probus Branch AGM.

Our AGM was held in the Masonic Hall on Wednesday20 September. Seventeen members attended. The Chairman and Secretary reports were accepted as was that of the Treasurer who reported a slight loss on the year of £147.40 but this was negated somewhat in that the hire of the hall for the remainder of this year had been paid and hence contributed to the loss. The overall financial position of the Club was very sound and stood at approximately £4200. The treasurer recommended, and the meeting agreed that subscriptions be held at their current level.

The following Officers were elected:

Chairman John Gentleman
Secretary Pat King
Treasurer Bruce Sims
Communications Officer Mike Beetham
Committee Member Roy May

The outgoing Chairman, John Kiteley will serve as an ex-officio member of the Committee.

The meeting concluded with a short presentation by the new Chairman which he concluded with his hopes for the future. These are shown in the following bullet points

  1. Maintain the current ‘modus operandi’ for the time being.
  2. Increase communications and publicity.
  3. Consult members as. to:
    1. Frequency of meetings – twice a month? monthly?
    2. Format of meetings – balance of speakers, visits and lunches.
    3. Increasing Membership – more publicity, open to ladies?
    4. Exploring co-operation with other similar groups.
    5. Encourage more member participation –introducing new members, recommending speakers and events, serving on the

    It’s your club and needs your support in all areas .