Leeds North

Club contact: Philip Edgar
email: philipedgar@onetel.com

We are a small and friendly club with 22 members. We meet at the Masonic Hall, Castle Grove Drive, Headingley, Leeds, on the morning of the first Wednesday of each month, except for August when we don’t meet. Coffee & tea are served from 10am and the meeting starts at 10.45 until noon.

Programme of talks:

7 March “The Gold Shilling of York – Englands Earliest Coinage”

4 April    “All you need to know about recycling”

2 May    “Canal and River Trust”

6 June   “Toothache, Saints and Churches in Medieval England”

4 July.    “Cones make new friends”

5 Sept    “History of Leeds/Bradford Airport”

3 Oct      “Mayor in the first World War”

7 Nov      “Urban Buzz”

5 Dec.     “Native wild plants and their Historical Medicinal Uses”

2 Jan.      *Hope Pastures”

Thursday 7 Feb AGM and lunch “keep Yorkshire on the Map”

Visitors are welcome, with no obligation. Pay your subs only if you like us.