Introduction to the Probus Club of the Crawley Hawth Wood

The main aim of the club is for local men, who are retired or semi-retired, to get together with like-minded men on a regular basis, socialise over lunch and plan future events and outings both in the U.K. and abroad which in the past they were not able to do, due to possible family and work place pressures. The very first activities were golf and cross country walks.
We engage in a range of different activities which include bowls, golf, a quiz evening, 10 pin bowling and skittles to name but a few of the pastimes we enjoy. We enjoy long weekends away in hotels around the country and on the Continent. Last year (2019) we visited Northern Italy, this year we will be visiting Corsica. There is no pressure on members to take part in all or any of these activities, and we have several members who just like to meet up with old friends and enjoy lunch and a glass of wine at our monthly meetings.
We don’t forget the ladies either! Ladies are invited to participate in all the club’s activities. Twice a year we hold a “Ladies lunch” and the ladies are also invited to the Presidents Dinner and the Charity Christmas lunch.
In times of stress or sickness the Club aims to give all support possible. We have a welfare officer whose duties include keeping in touch with members or their partners who may need help or support. Problems are reported to Club members in a discrete manner and support is arranged if needed.
If a member feels he can no longer take part in the Club’s activities he can apply for Associate Membership. This allows him to take part in any of the Club’s events if he wishes to, but he is not required to attend the monthly meetings and his annual subscription is reduced. Widows automatically become Honorary Associate Members and enjoy the same privileges as Associate Members.
We currently have 35 full members. By actively promoting ourselves using community web sites, leaflets distributed throughout Crawley plus articles in local magazines and newspapers, we hope to increase membership.