Huddersfield Probus Club

Who are we?

The Huddersfield Probus Club was the first such club in the Huddersfield area, formed back in 1973 as a progression of the Rotary movement.

Our Club is run autonomously, with an absolute minimum of formality and our current members come from a wide range of professional and business backgrounds. Retirement can come too early for many people who want, or are able, to remain active. Our objective is to promote friendship, provide entertainment and generate interest in topics you might not have thought about.

We produce a programme of speakers for the year where they attend the meetings and give a talk on a diverse range of topics which are informative, educational and/or entertaining.  There is something for everyone!

New members are most welcome, usually introduced by an existing member. If, however, you just wish to come along to “try us out”, all you have to do is pop in to one of our meetings, introduce yourself and be our guest for the day.  Our current programme can be found on our club website.

When we Meet

Our regular meetings are held at Huddersfield Golf Club in Fixby on the first and third Tuesday morning of every month, except August when we do not have any meetings.

Each meeting starts with tea or coffee between 10 o’clock and 10.30 followed by a brief update from the committee members and then a talk by a visiting speaker. The talks usually last about an hour or slightly less.

We also organise three ladies’ lunches through the year to which our wives and friends are invited – these are currently held at Outlane Golf Club. We have an ‘Annual Dinner’ in October – this is an evening meeting held at Outlane Golf Club.  Finally we organise a variety of excursions and social events that are offered during the year.

Club contact: Steve Sykes by email

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