Probus Club of Hexham

The purpose of the Probus Club of Hexham is to provide regular gatherings of persons who, in retirement, appreciate and value opportunities to meet others in similar circumstances and with similar interests. Membership of the club is open to all professional and business men aged 55 years and over, residing in Tynedale or surrounding areas, who have fully or partially retired from their normal business or profession.

Programme 2019/20

  • 9 May             Ambrose Crowley C17th Century Iron Master                             Gordon Scorer
  • 13 June          The Red Kites Return  TBA
  • 11 July           Summer Lunch
  • 12 September The Wild Bees of Great Britain Louise Hislops
  • 10 October      The Long Range Desert Group Mel Wall
  • 14 November     Peter Sellers    Prof. Neville Harris
  • 12 December   Christmas Lunch
  • 9 January        The Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead                             Malcolm Smith      
  • 13 February    The Music of Spring  Alan Fearon 
  • 12 March         Clement Atlee   Prof. John Derry
  • 9 April             AGM
    Meetings normally take place at the Tyndale Mart, Hexham and are preceded by lunch (12 for 12.30pm). If you are interested in joining the club please contact the Hon. Secretary, Peter Coxon: tel. 01434607798; e-mail