Chairman: Phil Hardy (
Secretary: Andy Bernard (
Social Team: Richard Paige ( Peter Seymour (
Programme Team: Malc Lewis ( John Lamus (
Membership Secretary: Malc Lewis (
Website: Andy Bernard (

The Club, formed in 1971, provides an opportunity to meet for a couple of hours on Fridays for a chat, a coffee and then to listen to an interesting talk.  Coffee is available from 9.45 and the meetings start at 10.20, closing around 12 noon.  We meet every Friday, but there is no requirement to attend every meeting.

We also have a number of social events throughout the year, ranging from monthly informal pub lunches for members, to other events where partners are also welcome.

The Club is very much a Club run by members for members, with the minimum of fuss and formality, the emphasis being on not taking ourselves too seriously.

If you would like to find out how we tick, why not come along to one of the meetings?   Just come along any Friday to St Peters Court (at the end of St Peter’s Road) and introduce yourself; we will be very pleased to see you. Alternatively, call our Membership Secretary, Malc Lewis, on 01285 644110 or email him on

More information, including a map, is on our website,