Club contact: Derek Lea
email: derek.a.lea@gmail.com

See the Coulsdon Probus Club website (http://coulsdonprobus.co.uk) for details of forthcoming meetings (the next is March 2, 2023) and the progress with the merger of Purley and Coulsdon Probus clubs.

NB. Please remember that it is open to every member to bring male guests along to any of our lunches. All we ask is that you notify the Luncheon Secretary in good time to order the meals. This could be you treating friends or simply reciprocating hospitality you have enjoyed elsewhere. Although it is not a necessity it would be ideal if the guests you invite are also prospective new members. In that case be aware that at the bottom of this page there is a link to an Application for Membership form.

Club Outings: During the pandemic it was not possible for the Committee to organise any Club outings, but there has been a series of events taking place this year. Terry Ribbens, our Social Secretary, circulated a list to all members on April 11 of what was planned at that stage. (The latest outing was a tour of Historic Old Palace, Croydon, on October 25th, 2022, jointly with Sanderstead and Riddlesdown Probus Clubs). Please send any questions about outings to Terry on tribbs42@gmail.com or 0208 6461401.

Your Committee needs your help! The time has come to pass the baton on to others. The Committee seeks help from members willing to join and work on the Committee, which is a friendly group of people. If you are interested in finding out more about what is involved please speak to any Committee member.

About Purley Probus Club

NB. The information below will be modified as we merge with Coulsdon Probus Club – see above. Watch out for more information in due course.

  1. Purpose of the Club
    To provide a regular meeting point for retired business and professional men who, in their retirement, would appreciate and value increased social contacts and the opportunity to meet others in similar circumstances. The Club is non-political and non-sectarian.
  2. Membership
    Membership is open to all business and professional men who are fully or partially retired from their main occupation. Applications for membership should be made on the relevant Club form (see the link at the bottom of this page) addressed to the Committee and supported by two existing Club members.
    Membership is restricted to seventy. Club rules provide for a waiting list not exceeding seven (i.e. 10% of the agreed limit). Election to membership is at the discretion of the Committee.
    Professions that are or have been represented in the membership include architecture, accountancy, commercial and international banking, chemical research, civil engineering (including nuclear energy), computing, construction industry, dentistry, electrical and electronic engineering, geology, journalism, human resources, international insurance, investment fund managing, leather industry, Lloyds underwriting, local politics, metal industry, medicine, military, printing industry, retired clergy, travel industry, wholesale fruit importing, shipping brokerage, social service and the police service.
  3. Monthly Luncheons
    Members meet at Purley Sports Club, The Ridge, Purley, CR8 3PF, on the second Thursday of each month  from twelve noon in the large bar room (with ample seating), and for lunch at twelve forty-five in a separate dining room.  Currently, the cost is a modest £25 for a wholesome, well-balanced three-course meal and includes staff gratuities (£29 for the Christmas lunch).  There is always a speaker on an interesting topic, usually with a stimulating question time afterwards. The Club aims to keep these occasions as relaxed and informal as possible.
    It is assumed that all members will be present at the lunches and so it is essential that non-attendance is notified in advance to the Luncheon Secretary no later than the Monday preceding the day of the luncheon.  His address and telephone number (with answer phone) are shown in the Club Handbook given to all members.  As the meals are ordered in advance, failure to notify non-attendance will result in the cost of that member’s lunch being borne by the other members.  For that reason, any member absent without notice will be asked to pay for the unconsumed meal.
  4. Joining Fee and Subscriptions
    The cost of the joining fee for new members and the other subscriptions entailed by membership are agreed annually at the AGM.  A joining fee for new members is due upon election and is currently £20.  The annual subscription is currently £40 (pro rata for new members).  It includes room hire payable annually in advance to Purley Sports Club, a contribution to the “Maurice Baker” Fellowship Fund (see below) and the cost of a handbook listing members, a lapel pin, name badge and club tie.
  5. The Maurice Baker Fellowship Fund
    The Club maintains a Fellowship Fund to enable the Committee to take appropriate action in the event of the death or illness of members, their wives/partners and other members of their families. The level of members’ annual contribution to the Fund is agreed at the AGM and members will be called upon to pay the levy as need arises and at the discretion of the Committee. 
  6. Management Of The Club
    The affairs of the Club are conducted under the authority of a Committee consisting of nine members elected at the Annual General Meeting to fill the following offices:
    Chairman: John Crumplin
    Vice-Chairman: Vacant
    General Secretary: Bill Baldock
    Treasurer: Tony Farrell
    Luncheon Secretary: Vacant
    Social Secretary: Terry Ribbens
    Speakers’ Secretary: Paul Allard
    Membership Secretary: Owen Kelly
    Welfare Secretary: John Crumplin
    The Committee may co-opt other members at its discretion.
  7. Club Handbook and Rules
    A Club Handbook containing a list of all current members together with the Rules of the Club is published annually, following the AGM.  Each member receives a copy; new members receive a copy upon election.
  8. Social Events
    Social events are organised throughout the year by the Committee for the entertainment of members, their families and guests.
  9. Past Chairmen
    See page Past Chairmen
  10. Anniversary
    For a report on the 30th anniversary in 2014 see page Anniversary


If you are interested in joining the Club, please complete the form at Application for Membership as far as is possible – sponsorship details can be dealt with later – and send it by email to the address shown on this website or to the postal address shown on the form.  Or simply send an email message or call the telephone number shown and we will send you a form.